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It’s nearly impossible to find any industry that hasn’t been affected by the Internet, yacht buying included. And like most far-reaching phenomenons, the Internet has changed the yacht buying industry in both positive and negative ways. In this article, we outline how the yacht buying industry has adapted with the Internet, and how you can take advantage of the good without the bad! 

The Good: New Opportunities

In the sportfishing industry before the Internet, there were a few ways to buy a boat, and they were all fairly localized to wherever you were.

The Internet has expanded horizons and opened up new opportunities for buyers. Yacht buyers can learn more about the sportfishing industry and also fish in areas that would otherwise be unknown to them. The Internet helps with all of that — it gives prospective buyers access to a wealth of information about boats they might be deciding between, including detailed specs, location, and photos of both the interior and exterior.

The Internet also allows buyers to do extensive research, talk to different dealers and brokers, and find the most competitive price for what they’re looking for. At face value, it seems like a consumer’s dream! And in many ways, it is…but as mentioned, it comes with its drawbacks.

Cons: Everyone’s An “Expert”

The wealth of information available on the Internet also means that these days, everyone is an “expert.” If you have a cell phone and internet connection you can become a star, influencer, or blogger simply regurgitating information you’ve read! It’s really hard to know who to trust out there.

At the end of the day, yacht brokers, captains, and reputable experts are the ones who still hold priceless knowledge that can’t just be “googled” or found on social media. They are the ones who breathe, eat, sleep, and LIVE sportfishing yachts and who can really help guide you to the best yacht for your needs.

So, what’s our expert advice for yacht buyers? We encourage them to call and ask questions, schedule showings, and see boats in-person before believing everything they see on the internet.

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